It’s a huge thank you to Lesa, and Keith Myatt for sharing this wonderful set of photos. It’s late Summer 2008, and former owner Lesa Vallentine has committed to a major investment in Eileen’s future. The hold is to be converted – steeled over – to create live-aboard accommodation. These image are full of delightful detail showing the clutter of construction. Lesa continued to live aboard the boat, with cat and dog, during the works done on the towpath!


Grim & Sully (yep really…) embodying their names as the shell of the long cabin nears completion. The precision of their work, and the fact that the whole cabin was, and remains, exquisitely true and straight, is testament to their skill, workmanship and eye for detail. How they achieved it – given that the boat was in the water and therefore in constant motion – I cannot imagine.


The scene at a slightly earlier stage. That’s the ‘butler sink’ on the fore-end waiting to be lowered into the new cabin and set into the kitchen units. A roll-top bath and a bed settee were similarly entombed in the long cabin as it was constructed.


A clutter of stuff packed beneath the ‘awning’ of the completed steelwork closest to the back cabin…


A fascinating glimpse into the interior of the completed shell, with portholes and side doors cut and insulating foam sprayed over the structure. The position of the stove is interesting, thankfully it didn’t remain located slap-bang in the middle of the cabin where inevitably people would have been burned trying to squeeze past it!?! Oh, and there’s the roll-top bath in the background too, in a early location in the bows…

A new home for Lesa & co.

A previous post (HERE) shows what Eileen looked like just before the long cabin was added, and further information about her long history can be accessed HERE.

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