It may be final confirmation of my slide into middle age but I can’t hide my excitement at a move around at home releasing the back bedroom for me to use, ostensively as an office, I prefer to think of it as ‘The Shed’ albeit five floors up and in the middle of our house. It’s great to have all my painting materials, canal books, files, notes, photos etc. in one place for the first time. I’m in clover!

One of the bonuses of The Shed is it’s providing an opportunity to empty the last of the removal boxes, not bad really, given we only moved into the flat three years ago!
Inevitably in the boxes were yet more photos – so here’s a little more Digital Sunshine as a January tonic. The photos show my previous boat Onward in late July 2004 moored opposite Port Meadow and close to The Perch Inn in Binsey Lane.


Friends Kev & Lou and their boys had joined me for a week’s Summer cruise, just down from Banbury to Oxford and back. This particular afternoon the boys had an idyllic time messing about on the water in Onward’s dinghy. We all shared a delicious BBQ and late evening, as the stars came out and mist rose from the river, with the boys abed the adults skinny-dipped in the Summer-warmed water… Grand Times.

There are other Digital Sunshine posts HERE.


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