I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of people when I’m researching the Story of Eileen; it’s truly humbling and rather reassuring that in this often frantic world people still go out of their way to help, giving freely of their time and generously sharing their expertise.

The image below is a case in point.

I was surprised to find this image of Eileen (taken around 2007 when she was still a ‘motor’) in the December 2013 issue of Waterways World. The caption on pg. 62 of an article on the Warwickshire Ring states it was taken at Glascote Locks.

When I contacted WW to ask whether it might be possible to have a copy of the image they couldn’t have been more helpful. They also informed me that the image was actually taken by Robin Smithett who had, very sadly, recently passed away.  Suzanne Phillips at WW nevertheless went out of her way to enquire whether I could have a copy of the image for the Eileen archive, permission was duly granted and a copy e-mailed to me.
Thank you everyone.

Smithett image of Eileen

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