A blog is perhaps best seen as a storage box, a dynamic means of sharing and savouring just a few of the things I’d like to hold on to as we rush headlong into the 21st century.


My idea of boat includes not just the specificity of an actual old iron boat but also the symbolism of boat as a vessel for ideas or as a means of keeping afloat.

It’s defining space for exploring the creative, imaginative, even playful connections between a personal involvement with a piece of industrial heritage (ie. the physical renovation of the boat) and different disciplines of industrial, social and natural history; psychogeography, documentary and story telling.


I tend to use the word boat rather than the more specific narrowboat or barge when I write because of its wider cultural associations and idioms: ‘slow boat to China’ / lifeboat / ‘all in the same boat’ / pleasure boat / ‘missing the boat’ / sustainable transport / ‘rock the boat’ or ‘pushing the boat out’.


They’re grand things are boats!


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