Here’s Molly, Fin, Joe and I last Summer, standing outside the office of what was Nathaniel Wheatcroft’s Coal Merchants at Cromford Wharf, Cromford, Derbyshire (ps. I love the way the LTD. had been written…)

This is the building…


And the reason we’re standing there and I’m taking the photo? Well, the man standing second from the right is my Great, Great Grandfather John Allen who became the wharf foreman and had previously been the ‘Ganger’ in charge of maintaining the terminus end of the Cromford Canal around the turn of the last century. There’s more information HERE¬†and HERE.


There’s an uncanny family resemblance… give me a droopy moustache and a flat cap and I reckon we’d be twins!


And here he is again, on the far right of this image that show shows the immaculate wharf with huge blocks of neatly stacked coal…


He lived in the Agents House on the Wharf…


Behind one of the red doors seen on the side elevation of the building…


Here are the intervening generations, that’s John Allen’s son, my Great Grandad also John Allen in old age being supported in the late 1960’s by my dad, then a young man…

just to show how strong the family resemblances are…


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