Man v. Can 26

I returned to the lettering around the centre of my Can last evening. It was a mistake. I’d had a long, bruising day; my persistent cold was making it’s presence felt again, and I was tired. I knew it was the wrong time and that I was in the wrong mood to lift a brush and paint slippery enamel onto slippery tin.

But I just couldn’t resist the temptation to tinker.

Almost from the first brushstroke I was in retreat, rubbing out, getting covered in sticky paint, sighing and cussing.

The cussedness paid off I guess, as I eventually achieved something… perhaps the ugliest lettering ever to grace the sides of a Can!

Less said the better…


So, its back to the drawing board. And out with the sandpaper and red paint to redo the centre band. The moral of the story?

Listen a little more carefully to the ‘sage within’!



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