After the recent drenchings ┬áit’s good to look forward to the coming Spring/Summer. Digital Sunshine posts are all about Summer… but, as these photos show, our Summers aren’t always about sunshine. Often they’re more about rain-showers, damp grass, welly boots and stunning sunsets of ragged thunderclouds… That said they’re also a time of festivals, long hours of daylight, and a gentler, ‘more-at-ease-with-yourself’ kind of mindset… so bring on the Summer…

Summer is also abundance and texture, it’s gloriously overblown and a feast for the eyes…


From the galley window, my hands deep in suds, I breathe deep the fresh, damp morning as a sheep strolls by, unperturbed by the boat’s presence…


Not all Summer moorings are out in isolated countryside. This evening image looks out of the back cabin doors along the rain-drenched straight from Braunston Visitor Mooring towards Braunston Bottom Lock…


Another Summer evening. It had been a dramatic and memorable day lashed by rain. At one point, blinded in a torrential thunderstorm, I’d halted the boat in a narrow bridge hole and waited under the sheltering arch of the bridge until the storm passed… It made that evening’s mooring, under a stunning sky, all the more peaceful and welcome.


A brighter morning, getting ahead, rain-gear at hand and a grin on my face…

I can’t wait to get the boat under way again.


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