I’d been really looking forward to an Friday overnighter on the boat and then the Historic Narrow Boat Club AGM at Lapworth Village Hall on the Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately fate dealt me a bit of a blow, or rather a bit of a fall!

On Friday evening I was just stepping down from the gunnel onto the back deck of the boat when I lost my footing, skittered forward and in saving both myself and a bag of cameras from a chill dunking in the canal twisted my knee badly as I crashed to the ground.

I thought, at first, I’d got off lightly, as I still seemed to be able to walk. But a couple of hours later my worst fears were confirmed when my left knee pretty well seized up and caused a painful, uncomfortable and restless night.

I was determined not to let a bit of a fall wreck my Saturday plans so hobbled over to Tesco’s to buy elasticated bandage to tightly strap up the knee; and headed off to Lapworth and the Grand Union / Stratford Canal.

On reflection it was a silly decision. I should have simply cut my loses and taken a slow drive home.

As it was I rather gingerly drove the car to Lapworth, parked up and was able to enjoy a half hour hobbling around photographing Kingswood Junction and the lower locks of the Lapworth flight.

The HNBC events bring lovers of historic boats from all over the country, it was good to chat with James from nb Willow canal side by the locks, and at the back of the meeting hall with Sarah from nb Chertsey. But, despite the temptation to stay, my knee ruled the day. Outside, just before the meeting began, the knee seized fully, refused to bend, swelled pretty alarmingly and told me unequivocally that there’d be no AGM for me.

I took to the road and a painful, tricky drive back to London.

I hope the meeting went well… Oh, and here are a few of the photos I was able to take…









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