It’s getting to that time of year when my thinking turns to preparing the boat (and myself for that matter) for the delights of the new Boating Season. There are a couple of jobs I’d like to get on with to reacquaint me with our Eileen.

Although it’s much too early to begin thinking about finishing the exterior paintwork yet, one job I’ve already started is painting up the long, arched wooden tiller. It’s currently plain grass green and to be slightly more authentic could do with being painted in three simple bands of grass green, off-white and bright red. It was previously painted in such a way, as this photo shows…

To my mind, the two rings of knotted ropework on the tiller arm just don’t look right as they don’t correspond with the changes in colour, if they’re to be replaced on the repainted tiller arm I think I’d be tempted to have them remade so that they fit at the point where two colours meet.


The ‘all-green’ tiller arm in ‘The Shed’ ready for underpainting with the additional colours…


Bright Red paint brushed on as an undercoat on the ‘final third’ before the brass tiller end (burnished bright by a steerers hand…).

Over the coming weeks there are other satisfyingly simple jobs like this to get done before the first family outing of the year in just over a months time.



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