At first glance this French milk jug I picked up at the local bric-a-brac market is a plain, simple, even rather austere utilitarian container. However, the more it sits on my desk by the side of my computer the more I’ve come to admire it’s subtle sophistication. Yes form follows function, but there’s a serious aesthetic purposefulness at work here too. The turned wooden handle fitting snugly into the wrought iron clasps, the two sealed together with brass caps. The tin container with it’s single ‘dimple’ on each side and the smooth ‘finger line’ around the whole circumference. This is a piece of refined agricultural kit, honed into an efficient working object by experience and need.
I’d originally bought it to use as a practice can for Roses & Castles┬ápainting but I’m not sure now that I’ll try to tart it up at all… as I like it as it is.



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