There’s are days when writing flows readily and easily, and there are days, like today, when the writing just doesn’t flow at all. When blogging simply isn’t simple.

That’s when I often turn to my archive of photos, and they help bring back the simplicity.

Take this tatty image of my old boat ‘Elm’ in high Summer in a deeply wooded cutting. Boat – woodland – a slow journey – a mug of tea – time enough to clamber from the lock side into the woodland to take the image – the warmth of a Summer afternoon on my back – simply perfect.

My sense of the simple is about an aesthetic of spareness and valuing quality, not quantity. Qualities such as association or connection to a time and place. The delicious melancholy of remembrance too. It’s also about celebrating the beauty of the often ignored and making things-at-hand, the simple pleasures count.



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