Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2013

Located in a wind-swept filed 750ft above sea level in the Cambrian Mountain range, mid Wales, and commanding staggering views, here’s a wonderful celebration of up-cycling and recycling to create a dream shelter.





The roof is made from a 14ft long old fishing boat made in the 1900s and has a 20w solar panel that powers LED lights.

Boat-Roofed-Shed-2013-3Windows from a 1940s caravan and from a 400-year-old farmhouse were upcyled and fixed with a composite natural material called wattle and daub (soil+clay+straw+animal dung).

photoThe well-equipped nautical shed is heated by a 19th century French enamel wood burning stove and has a 12v sound system and as well as a refrigerator to store chilled drinks.

Boat-Roofed-Shed-2013-4The cosy, simple shed is also an ideal place for retreating into the wilderness. A place to sit, savour, stare, rebuild and recharge.





I really enjoy the informal aesthetic, the sense of humour, and the hints at connections to the boat’s past. I also like the fact that it hasn’t been ‘pristined’ and continues to bare the marks of history on it’s many and various constituent parts.



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