A year ago, we celebrated my half century by getting away to the boat. This year (irritatingly) our children’s Easter holidays don’t coincide exactly with mine and so our time for escaping to the countryside and savouring the Spring is constrained. That said, next week we hope to get away for a couple of nights, a first journey of the year, a chance to blow away the cobwebs. For this week I’ll have to make do with the vicarious pleasures of looking again at the pictures from 2013, and what was a far chillier Easter break…

Classic Oxford Canal…


The path cut through thin sheet ice is testament to the chilly day. Big jumper, coat and gloves weather – grand!


I was solo boating, moving the boat to a mooring where Claire planned to join me. The canal was quiet that morning, no-one around at all, a little bit of paradise all to myself…


Flurries of snow fell from leaden skies…


In the sheltered cutting through the village all was calm. Winter changed to Spring in an hour, and with the stove warming the boat, all felt well with my world.





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