I broke up for my Easter holidays at lunchtime today. Claire, off for a couple of days R&R with a friend dropped the Boys at school and we began what’ll be a bit of a Boys Weekend. The Boys are excited about it, and to be honest so am I, with it’s indulgent focus on boats and trains!

This afternoon we didn’t venture far, just down the Bakerloo Line to the Paddington Arm.

Coming up the steps from the Bakerloo Line takes you out onto the towpath of the short ‘arm’ that strikes out from Browning’s Pool at Little Venice. There’s a line of floating entrepreneurs adjacent to the station entrance, including the wonderful ‘word on the water’ bookshop, a veritable Aladdin’s Cave.


Next in line was a rather slick and monochrome coffee bar serving from the well-converted hold of a narrowboat, unfortunately it only served until 3.30pm and so I missed a chance to savour a brew, their rather serious looking coffee machine can be glimpsed behind the counter…


Our Joe, in suitably boaty navy and white, wasn’t sure quite what to make of some of the photo-images in the ceramic tiles of the floating gallery… and decided it’d be a better idea for us to go in search of chocolate bars instead.


Some of the interesting tiles on show…


And finally, nothing on sale at all, just a celebration of quirky tastes in this eclectic riot of plants and street finds… The Boys were convinced it was all the work of a pirate. The large flag perhaps being the giveaway! I wonder how often and how far the boat moves???

I’m sure there’ll be more simple Boys Own adventures to follow…


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