I found this youtube film by accident ages ago and it left a lingering impression. It’s heady stuff, magical and innocent and pretty damned good. A mature woodland and your own private railway to ‘play’ on, now that really is a little bit of paradise!

The youtube blurb says:

A video of the Woodlands Light Railway, shot in 1990. This railway was built by my father (seen narrating the video), and was located near to Brands Hatch in Kent. The video shows a trip around the track, as well as an open day, and a demonstration of timber hauling.

Whilst I can’t claim to own either a wood or my own woodland railway, there are moments when something close to perfect happens, such was the case this morning, when the Boys and I visited our narrow boat Eileen to prepare her for a planned journey inland later in the week. Pete offered to take them on a ride on the railway that runs the length of the moorings, and the rest, as they say, is history. (ps. that’s our Eileen‘s in the background of the video towards the end…).

Magic Moments!





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