We drove up to Banbury mid-morning, and after dropping the car close to the mooring set off in search of our abandoned boat. Joe was first there. Our ‘Eileen’ safe and sound close to the lift bridge that ‘attacked’ Claire on Thursday afternoon!

Marsh, Tom Rolt, Museum & Bluebird
Albion, Samuelson & Haynes,
Foxes & Nadkey
Grant’s, Stevens & Twyford
Tarver’s, Coles & Haddons

(The ‘Poetry of Bridges’ along our route today…)

Spring bursting out all over… wonderful!

We rose 28ft. through Kings Sutton Lock (10′ 8″), Grant’s Lock (9′ 6″) & Banbury Lock (5′ 10″) on our return to Grimsbury Wharf today.

Boys n’ Boats – a moment captured, I’ve no idea what they were talking about, the noise of the engine beneath my feet blocks out all but the most direct conversation, I’m guessing it was a fishy tail of tiddler spotting…

Through the Civil Parishes of Bodicote and Adderbury.

Kings Sutton Lock, Captain Joe in charge, the rest of the crew having gone off to set the lock… being Easter weekend we queued at a number of locks.

We travelled a total of ten miles.

It really wasn’t as cold as this photo indicates, Claire snuggled up with various kids as the clouds wove together into a more continuous covering… ‘Short back & sides’ willows on the off-side…

Four miles out, to the winding hole at Nell’s Bridge, and then six miles back to Banbury.

Claire, on the mend, but keeping well clear of lift bridges today. The kids have nicknamed them ‘the evil bridges’ which is perhaps a little extreme, still they seem to have learned a new respect for them, for a while anyway…

It took us over five hours.

The view from Grant’s Lock on the last leg of the trip back into Banbury, there’s a grand view from the lock across the Cherwell valley and into the rolling oilseed-yellowed hills beyond…

As a result of what ended up being a long day journeying, old ‘Eileen’ is now safely back on her mooring; we’ve caught a little sunshine; everyone’s limbs and digits are in tact and, despite the inevitable fractious moments and generally frayed nerves, we live to boat another day.



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