It was the annual Rickmansworth Festival arranged by the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust, at the weekend. Given it was such a sunny Sunday it seemed an ideal day out for the family – so off we went! The photos pretty much tell the story of what was another grand day out…

Looking down from the road bridge ahead of Rickmansworth Lock the small push tug service boat was beetling about providing supplies and support to moorers.
Now here’s a good idea for stress-free boating with children, use the technique tried and tested by generations of boaters and tie the kids the the nearest solid object!
The ‘Frederick Whittingham’ a broad beam tug, looking in fine fettle, and with a beautifully purposeful rumble eminating from the engine room too…
A quiet moment on a busy day, just time to do a final tidy-up of this ‘Bantam’ Tug in preparation for the attention of the stream of visitors that passed along the towpath towards the stalls and fairground…
Who can resist a floating stall? In this case it’s the fund-raising enterprise of historic wooden boat ‘Raymond’…
A photo of a signet riding on a swan’s back catches Molly’s eye as we pass the floating gallery…
Inside a community wide boat, the Boys play in the well deck in the bow whilst we take a few moments in the cool shade of the main cabin…
Fin ready for launch on the plane roundabout in the fairground…
Joe having a great time in mid flight… an year ago he was nervous of this roundabout, this year he couldn’t wait to have a go…
A ‘selfie’ Fin and I ready for his first dodgem / bumper car ride, the there background Claire and Joe get into another car, Molly stood and watched, she didn’t fancy the bumps at all…
Is there a collective noun for a group of post-dance Morrismen (and women) – a ‘whitter’ perhaps or a ‘tinkle’???
Joe determined to win the ‘see who can keep your lolly the longest’ competition…
And it just wouldn’t be the Ricky without a shot of the painting of the silhouette of a horse under the road bridge placidly pulling a barge along… ‘showboat’!



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