The landscape moves endlessly through different permutations, as forms and moments swerve into and out of the present […]

    Van Dyke, C. (2013) ‘Plastic eternities and the mosaic of landscape’

Old postcards are wonderful! And pretty much a revelation for me.

As I’ve dug back into my family history via research into the short life of my paternal grandfather, the vintage postcards I’ve been able to pick up (for very little outlay) are providing me with a wonderfully stimulating starting point for both research, and imaginative ‘sighting’ of Cyril’s world in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

The present may unfold into the future, just as it can be enfolded into the past. No form ever leaves the scene entirely […]

    Van Dyke, C. (2013) ‘Plastic eternities and the mosaic of landscape’

Here are just a selection of the postcards I’ve been able to find in the last month…

This postcard captures in a single picture so much of what I’ve been exploring so far: there’s Cyril’s house next to Holy Trinity Church; the woodlands above the roof of the Gothic ‘Royal Hotel’ where the Cumberland Cavern is located; and in the foreground between the Derby Road and River Derwent is the Switchback and to the right of that the road down to the rope ferry.


Here’s North Parade in it’s edwardian heyday, and there’s one of the Petrifying Wells. This world, though faded would have been little changes by the time Cyril knew it some twenty years later…


And this one, though it has nothing directly to do with Cyril just grabbed me. I wonder why the image was converted to a postcard? What was the anticipated market for an image of a serious-looking young man staring towards the camera???



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