My ongoing research into the history of our old boat ‘Eileen’, particularly into ‘Alfred Hickman & Co.’ and ‘Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.‘, (both of whom owned ‘Eileen’ up to perhaps the 1950’s before she was disposed of) has led me to look at company logos, adverts and letterheads etc. and in doing so I’ve stumbled upon a source of what can only be described of typographical beauty!

From the industrial heartland of the Black Country, came magnificent typographical works such as these…



Digital StillCamera


I feel there’s so much to be gleamed about the ‘underlying psychology’ of a company by looking at it’s ‘public face’ and ‘reading’ why a particular typography was chosen, or the care and confidence in which a company presented itself to the world.

I’m at the start of my research into Eileen’s owners. I’m finding it hard to locate much information, particularly about Alfred Hickman’s companies – any suggestions of where to look anyone?



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