I played around our yard some and talked to the fence posts, sung songs and made the weeds sing…

Woodie Guthrie

Brambles grow (seemingly) before your eyes. Their strong barbed whips searching and arching through the air in the slightest breeze. The mousey grasses of Spring are shoulder high. The stepping-stone path is hidden, it’s route almost lost in the hungry surge upwards for the light. It’s a dramatic stage. A place of mystery and not a little magic. It’s the margins of a small urban pond! And, it’s a time of giants and delicacy, as hopefully these images show…

This aggressive looking beast guards what was once the path into the wood. It stands 5-6ft high. It’s not a native wild flower but an herbaceous border escapee. Acanthus mollis, commonly known as bear’s breeches, bearsfoot or oyster plant. Again, I’m wondering how on earth did it got here, as it grows from an underground rhizomes, did the rhizome really travel beneath the foundations of the buildings? Surely not???
The hedge parsley stands impressively high, towering 12ft off the ground and almost overtopping the building in the background… and it’s all this season’s growth.
And then, in contrast there’s the delicacy of the meadow flowers the daisies, sorrel, mallow and forget-me-not flourishing at the water’s edge…
A held-breathe moment. Such delicate flowers will last just days before fading. A fleeting papery beauty.




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