Having laid out my stall (HERE) it’s now time I got down to the business of actually painting-up a piece of tinware using images and styles drawn not from Victorian influences but my own world of twentieth (twenty-first?) century influences.

The first step is perhaps the simplest – find an object. In that I’m pretty lucky in having lying around a number of enamelled pots and jugs that’ve served as test pieces for painting over the years. I’ve chosen a bright red coffee pot.

This coffee pot’s loaded with happy memories, having travelled with me on various boats over the years. It seems fitting that I should work up a more personal piece of ‘Can’ painting on a pot that’s already ‘heady’ with personal associations.
It’s looking a little tatty just now, with ‘sketches’ of lettering and the honest grime of a life sitting on an open fire as, yes, a coffee pot. It’s in need of de-greasing and a good rubbing back in preparation for painting…
The prep. was nothing too arduous really, just a good ‘warm-water and-washing-up-liquid’ wash and a rubbing down to take back to a level surface the rather thick ‘practice painting’ on it’s sides. The rubbing down also has the benefit of helping provide a little ‘bite’ to hold the new gloss topcoat – which is to be grass green as I’m sticking with the ‘Eileen Palette’ of red, green and cream (plus black).
So here she is, all ready to go – deep breath – now where’s me brushes…



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