The challenge of trying to succinctly articulate complex information in an accessible form inevitably brings you via annotated drawings, diagrams and flowcharts into the wonderful world of cartography.

It’s a fabulous world that I’m planning to explore through a series of posts that will celebrate map making in all their various forms: sketch maps, world maps, ‘imaginary worlds’ maps, artist’s maps, local maps, underground maps, annotated drawings etc. etc.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the kind of thing I’m looking at:

An 1868 illustrated atlas of Europe creates caricatures of each nation within the outline of the country…
A glorious high Victorian celebration of the cartographers art, an 1890 railway map of Scotland…
A simple, beautiful interpretation of the world centred on Jerusalem.
Annotated drawing, in this case instructions to a publisher for correcting an book illustration…
A hypnotic interpretation of the ancient meanders of the Mississippi River…
An 1891 map of Plano, Texas speak volumes about the character of the town and the scale of the land in which it grows…
Map Man

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