I got going on the under-painting of my latest Can painting project earlier in the week, but as yet I’m only at the undercoat stage, and to be honest a photo of flat colour is, well about as interesting as… erm, paint drying!

So, today I took the photo and played about with it using an i-pad app. called You Doodle which allows you to draw over photos. The image below isn’t a final design for the (coffee) Can by any means, but was done on the tube ride home this evening, just to see if the programme has potential as a ‘sketching’ tool.

20140627-194936-71376385.jpgI’ll leave up to you to judge whether you feel it has or not!

I suspect the final design will be more complex, and slightly more formal with central bouquets of ‘daisy-roses’ on each side on an oak leaf pattern.


Hopefully I’ll pick up a little more inspiration on Sunday when I’m planning a ‘Boys Day Out’ at Braunston Show, regardless of the weather I can’t wait to see all those old boats in one place, the event is one of my waterways highlights of the year.

IMG_5900 (3)




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