I’m a Can Fan! I can’t walk past a Water Can sitting on the roof of a narrow boat back cabin and not pause to admire it. Braunston this year provided the usual rich pickings. There are usually more amateur painted and ‘heritage’ Cans at Braunston and they’re the ones that I’m particularly interested in.

So, here’s a bit of a gallery of the Cans that caught my eye this year…

A gorgeous Can atop ‘Chertsey’. The older Cans have details not found on more modern cans; look at that stunning turned wooden handle for example, a thing of beauty in it’s own right. And those bravura roses speak volumes of the confidence and skill of the painter, who with a deft flick of the brush has created such energetic abstracted flowers.
Historic boats in full polished regalia – is there a finer sight?
The caramel colours of the Erewash Canal Carrying Co. made this pair stand out… whilst the lettering, built up from numerous single brush strokes is stunning.
The green undercoat of this Can is similar to the ‘grass green’ of Eileen’s livery and is the base coat for the ‘modern Can’ I’m painting at the moment, the colour scheme here will hopefully be helpful in finalising the colours I’ll use… The ochres, creams and warm reds for example…
That flat matt green background colour on the right hand Can particularly caught my eye, I hadn’t thought of combining gloss and matt…
A fine array. I particularly like the centre Can with the wire & ‘bobbin’ handle. But also the utilitarian simplicity of the large ‘lemon’ Can.
Oil-painted individuality, a stunning amateur Can on ‘Owl’. The Can seems to have been repainted at various times eg. the bold lettering contrasting with the fine flowers on the centre band for example look as if they were painted by different people at different times?
Neat and tidy, with interesting variations on the ‘rose’ design…
Can and man…
Now there’s a grand Can, the mid-green shows those delicate roses off to a tee…
Lovely ‘shorthand’ roses, a few brush strokes and done…
An oil painting on a Can, a different approach…
Can and rope work, mops and brushes and bright shining brasses glinting in the sunshine, it’s what it’s all about…
A stunning amateur Can, the black enables the other colours to ‘sing’…
A stunning collection, taking on a golden patina of age… I particularly like the large Can on the far right hand side, the way the bouquet of flowers ‘dances’ across the lower panel…

IMG_5900 (3)


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