Yep, the owner of this bus had travelled overland from Germany to attend the event.

I first heard about it on Radio 4 this morning, it sounded just the kind of thing that the Boys (my five year old twins and I) would enjoy going to.

The iconic Routemaster Bus is 60 years old this month and to celebrate the fact it’s fanatical fans from around the world are gathered in Finsbury Park in North London for a gloriously English celebration of a legendary piece of transport heritage.

I had no idea what to expect, but what we found was simply grand! On the road through the park were lined up dozens and dozens of buses, simply that –  a line of buses – yet there was something moving, amazing even about it, a celebration of enthusiasm, eccentric passion, engineering skills and something positive in our English temperament.

We wandered up the long line agog and content. It was a grand couple of hours, as these photos hopefully show?

Perhaps I should explain, the Boys had been to another event earlier in the day and had their faces painted as the Super Mario Bros. and so liked the look they kept it on for the rest of the day!


A long, long line of bright red buses…


Each one lavished with love, care and attention…


Each one telling a story of service… over decades…


Is that the same colour as our boat??? I want one!


A little Boys heaven?
Oh, and did I mention there were lots, and lots, of Routemaster buses? Happy 60th Birthday!

Further Reading

The Routemaster Association

Article in Evening Standard: End of the Routemasters?

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IMG_5900 (3)


3 thoughts on “The Routemaster’s Sixtieth Birthday, Finsbury Park, London

  1. Memories, memories. Going to school in Croydon in the late fifties, early sixties we thought it was luxury to find a Routemaster on route 130, we normally got a clapped out old AEC RT. on the school run.


  2. Hi Graham,

    There’s nothing like the sight of an old Routemaster to provoke fond memories. I particularly remember them some 30 years ago, when they were running along Upper Street in Islington and down into town. They’d have been ‘old ladies’ even then, but still provided a stirling service to exciting nights out in the West End and along the river… wonderful times!

    And though the new Routemaster is stunning to look at, they’re just not the same, for a start they have an odd, air-conditioned smell about them, and they’re far too new to be redolent with memories – yet…
    Best wishes


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