The weather this stunning Summer might be glorious, but in the middle of the day it can make boating a sweltering activity, so there’s no finer feeling at the end of a busy day’s navigating to tie-up at a good mooring, particularly if there’s still enough light left to enjoy a few hours of the finer things in life – fishing with a net for example!

No matter how busily locked the day has been, how moody the city kids have been, how restless they were to ‘get there’; everyone enjoys arriving at the evening’s mooring. It’s the place to lay out the rugs, unfold the deck chairs, perhaps set a match to the BBQ and enjoy the quiet that comes when the engine’s stopped, the ‘oily jobs’ are completed; a beer’s uncrowned and things gradually change from ‘mobile’ mode to ‘static’ mooring mode.

Peace really can be twin five year olds, Big Sis & Mum, oh and a couple of £1.00 nets!
Or even more calmly two reflective Boys at one with their surroundings – if only I could bottle it and take it back to London!
Our evening mooring, could anything be more perfect? A contented and calm family, a bright, warm Summer’s evening, the prospect of a pub dinner in the offing and the boat looking resplendent… it’s the stuff that forms this man’s happiness… it’s what I dream of all year round.
Bully Beef & his Harem! Perhaps it’s best that they were on the opposite bank eh? That said what a stunning sight though!

IMG_5900 (3)



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