I’m fascinated by fire! There, I’ve said it. Not in a pyromaniacal kind of way but in the ‘let’s gather around a campfire’ kind of way. Since the Spring I’ve been in search of equipment to create a modern interpretation of a traditional campfire, something with a little more character than a disposable supermarket BBQ.

Our evening mooring provided an ideal opportunity to assemble the kit and see how it’d work in reality. So here’s a record of our first firing

The kids were seduced from the offing, they loved the idea of a campfire, set up on a blanket they broke twigs and tore paper for kindling and sat expectantly as the first flickerings rose…
The kindling was soon alight, we added logs and sat back to watch the dancing flames – magical!
Patiently waiting for the fire to die back to enable marshmallow toasting…
Only one of us actually liked the toasted marshmallows, but everyone loved sticking a marshmallow on a skewer, and holding it in the embers to toast…
Creative cuisine, toasted ‘Rich Tea’ biscuits with marshmallow and melted chocolate! Mmmm…
The kettle completes the look. Mol is fascinated by the flames and happy to poke around in the embers for ages, Joe is more wary…
Happy kids, being safe, taking responsibility. A moment of real achievement.
Now, how about a cuppa???
Oh, and lest we forget the Kellie Kettle, we’d three on the go at one point merrily boiling up water for washing-up. Sat on blocks of timber they don’t scorch the grass at all.

IMG_5900 (3)

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