“I love it when a plan comes together.” (cue “The ‘A’ Team” music…)… this all began as one of those pottering about before breakfast in PJs moments. Fin had drawn the flag below and was in search of a stick to make a flag pole… ah, thought I, we can go one better than that!

This is what happened next:

Fin’s Flag… showing a ‘family of smiling faces’
The Boy’s other flags attached to the end section of a carbon fibre canal pole…
Fin looks on as the canal pole / flag pole goes into the air…
Joe wants a go. “Is it heavy dad?”
“Hey, it’s not heavy at all.”
And here’s our flag fully raised, if I’m 5’11”, then I reckon we got the flags to over 20′!
And once we got onto flags there was no stopping us; these ‘hedgerow flags’ were simply lengths of white gaffer tape onto which the kids stuck a collection of found objects from the towpath hedgerow. To finish them off they were attached to BBQ skewers…
Joe was particularly proud of this florabundant flag!

IMG_5900 (3)



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