This map, created by the Environment Agency, shows what east London would look like following a ‘severe flood’ if the Thames Barrier hadn’t been built.

A map can be a wonderful means of illustrating an idea, and communicating in an instant a wealth of otherwise complex information. The maps in this post show the effect on the world of a range of hypothetical “What if?” events.

A map drawn in response to the question: “In theory what would the world look like if the ocean’s could be drained through a hole at the bottom of Challenger Deep, the deepest spot in the ocean?” Well, this is what the world might look like when the drain finally emptied and water levels have fallen a staggering 5+ kilometres. There’s a surprising amount of water left, although much of it very shallow seas, with a few trenches where the water is still 4 to 5 kilometres deep.
Or in this case: “What would the Great Lakes look like if transposed into Europe?”
Or “What would the world look like if the land was oceans and the oceans land?”
A very different map created in response to the same hypothetical question posed above…
“What did the world look like at the height of the last ice age 15000 years ago?”

IMG_5900 (3)

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