The Urban Pond exists in a quiet corner of West London, outside my office window. It’s a secret place totally enclosed by buildings. It’s also – remarkably – in its first year of existence after being totally dug out and relined in January of this year. Throughout the year I’ve been writing an occasional post on this small piece of ‘unofficial countryside’ (to borrow Richard Mabey’s wonderfully pragmatic phrase) and marvelling at the dazzling fecundity of teeming life that have been attracted to it. Along the way I’ve enjoyed learning the ‘concrete poetry’ of the common names of plants that line the pond sides, from bugle and ragged robin to lady’s smock and woundwort, from frog bit to mud sedge and reed mace. The pond, as the images show is now in Autumnal die-back mode, the flowers are over for another year. The pond will need a deal of rationalisation in the coming months to ensure it isn’t swamped by plants next year. I keep you in touch with the Urban Pond as Winter unfolds…



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