A simple boat tethered to the shore. There’s a natural, understandable temptation to cast off across the water and, released from landlocked normality, go on some Swallows & Amazon-ing adventure. But, something holds you back. There’s something incongruous about the boat, something that doesn’t quite sit right. It takes a moment or too to realise it but it’s the material, the material’s out of context. It’s not in it’s usual world. It isn’t straight-edged or up or down. A boat made from corrugated iron is plain odd, like a concrete boat. There’s a part of you that doesn’t quite trust the concept or the physics. Could it, should it, will it float???

Such are the wonderful tensions, questions and narrative trails prompted by Jeff Thomson‘s sculptures.

In his hands an unlikely and ungainly raw materials – corrugated iron – takes on sinuous curves, it’s weaved, it becomes kangaroos and cockerels. He takes something urgently utilitarian, agricultural and banal and adds a little magic, a dash of humour, and an imaginative fleetness of foot.

Above all he adds a story, a narrative depth to corrugated iron where little may existed before.

IMG_5900 (3)


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