These maps are by children.


They show mountains not as a set of contour lines but as pointy rocks – the way mountains actually look. They show the journey.


They show rivers, forest and the sea but also faeries, legends, castles, dragons, stars and heroes and the edge of the world.


They have scary places marked ‘unknown’.

FAiry Maps

These maps don’t just display topography but also personal landmarks, interests, waypoints, hopes and fears.


They are more honest and much more human(e) than adult maps.


They show how children are able to hold their inner world of imagination and the outer physical world in balance at one and the same time, there’s no separation or false divide.

They’re visual poems of this kind, not bogged down with anxiety about technical proficiency but exuberant, immediate expressions of place, and the child’s location in space.


It’s such a pity we lose our childhood directness, coherence (our ability to integrate imagination and reality) and honesty as we ‘grow up’.

IMG_5900 (3)


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