Though ‘Eileen’ is an unfinished project, as much an iron & steel tent or a shed afloat as she is a boat, it doesn’t mean she can’t be used now. She needs the engine to turn, returning her to shivering animation…

After a long Winter of inactivity, when using the boat was little more than a distant and unrealisable daydream, at last we’ve untied the ropes and set out on an open-ended adventure. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, or where it might take us, but an annual journey has begun.

The bottom line for this summer trip is to pare back the unnecessary clutter of our crowded, complex lives in order to experience simple things more deeply. I’m seeing the trip as a way to explore landscape and an aesthetic of spareness through valuing quality, not quantity (qualities such as association or connection to a time, place or person); it’s about celebrating the beauty of the everyday world around us; having an open mind and through encouraging a constant process of editing and reflection make every moment afloat count… In the coming weeks I’ll post regular bulletins of the journey.

Eileen’s rusted at the Wharf all Winter, she needs attention, a little TLC, she needs working.  
An early June afternoon, a sudden rain shower marking our slow reverse out of the ‘Arm’ of water where we moor the boat… It’s the first stage of our Summer journey…
A precious 24 hour escape where C. and I crew the boat alone, the kids are safely away with family… it’s a rare moment…
Perhaps the smiles say it all, a GRAND feeling to be underway together…
The storm clouds soon pass, as Summer storms so often do, and a perfect June afternoon develops… Time for a slow chug northward on a slow boat…
It’s rare that, as parents of young children, we have the chance to slow down, to draw breath, to have the time to talk to each other, or share the experience of the calming solitude of ‘the Cut’, this afternoon was one of those times…



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