It’s rare that elements combine to create a cracker of a day, when people, mood, place, the weather… in fact everything come together to create one of those ‘if only we could bottle it’ days. On the Cut, on a fine June afternoon, Claire and I recently found just such a combination…

Once you’re afloat, and the manic departure phase (all a-flurry with ropes and complicated manouevours) is over, a calm descends, the pace slows, the knots in your shoulders begin an exquisite unravelling and life returns to a slower, more respectful, more harmonious pace…
It’s a time for meals eaten outdoors, time for a glass of wine at lunchtime.
And for finding a perfect, grassy mooring, with space enough to laze on the bank under the dappled shade of a sycamore…
We tend to travel short distances, perhaps ‘chugging’ for just a few hours at a time, we then moor up. We like to get out for a walk, exploring the environs of our latest ‘temporary residence’. The boat’s ‘snail-ish’ in more ways than one yes it’s slow, but also you carry your home with you, relocating on a daily basis as you move along the Cut… Here, cutting across the R. Cherwell water meadows we meet a herd of nosy bullocks, not threatening just inquisitive…
Claire and meadow – beautiful!
It’s a gentle, relaxing time…
There’s the boat, in the distance, moored in late afternoon sunshine.
Claire and I, the inevitable selfie!
Colourful moored boats adjacent to Cropredy Mill…
Time to prepare an evening meal, ‘Eileen’ looking in fine fettle as the sun, low in the sky, casts long shadows and the BBQ flames outside the galley window…
Close to perfect…
Sunset, the cows graze contentedly as we eat supper on the roof top of the back cabin…
‘Fizz’ on the bow as the sun goes down…
A grand Summer’s day, that balance of walking, boating, eating, savouring, slowness and silence, it’s what boating’s all about as far as we’re concerned…



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