The next part of the journey had a bit of an early 80s sound track to it, a combination of Dexy’s Midnight Runners ‘Come on Eileen’ and The Clash ‘Going Underground’... The reason being that the Boys overheard someone call ‘Come on Eileen!’ as we passed – a common enough experience if truth be told –  and they were eager to hear what the song sounded like. It became something of a ‘Too-Rye-Ay’ soundtrack to the days away… and ‘Going Underground’ well that was all to do with going through, and then back through, Braunston Tunnel…

The videos and the photos below tell the rest of the story…

Mid-morning, we’re approaching the northern end of the tunnel after the short distance through a wooded valley from Braunston Top Lock…
I’d cobbled up a spotlight and battery and g-clamped it to the large porthole on the front bulkhead of ‘Eileen’. Fingers-crossed it’d work!
A couple of hundred yards in, there’s the spotlight of a following narrowboat just visible in the yellow white glow of the tunnel mouth.
On board, the Boys sat in the centre of the low cabin roof, torches in hand and explored the stalactites and mysteries of the tunnel… Brilliant!!!
Over 2000 yds long, we’re nearing the end after a swift and safe passage. White flow stone stains the walls…
Back into the great big beautiful world! I experienced the same elation I used to get when I drew my first breath above ground after caving…
Looking back from the southern end…




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