The weather’s showing its typically wry English sense of humour by turning with timely predictability from balmy June/July to barmy July/August to coincide with the start of the kid’s Summer holidays. Still, it just wouldn’t be English inland boating if it didn’t tank down on us on a regular basis!

So, with the likelihood of the weather turning into ‘one of our Summer’s’ with a fair drop of water expected here’s a few images of the latest leg of our slow-journey-without-destination.

On this trip there’d be Fin & Joe (aged 6yrs.), their cousin Fabian (aged 16yrs.) and me (52yrs.). We were fortunate to get permission to make use of a private road passing the derelict Wolfhampcote Church to get the car to Bridge 97 and as close to the boat as possible. We trudged with heavy rucksacks under darkening skies…
Once under way the heavens opened and gave us a pretty sound drenching. I was content to stand at the tiller and get soaked… the Boys retired indoors to drawing, and Fabian stoically plonked himself on the roof, under the umbrella and experienced the joys of watery boating…
There’s no doubting a Summer storm’s on it’s way!
‘Biggles’ facing the coming storm…
Even the back cabin chimney is wearing it’s saucepan cap…
Perhaps my favourite image of the morning’s chug… the wind tearing into canal-side flora, fields, trees and a flock of birds alike…
Just a little light reappearing – I love a Summer storm!




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