In a recent post (HERE) I took a look at the image above…

If you now imagine turning away from the boy on the horse and wandering back perhaps 100m, and at that point turning again and re-facing the cottages, you’d see this new view of the Dollis Brook…

 Where the three straw-boater wearing Edwardian gents pose (How will they ford the brook without getting their feet wet???) the boy and horse had stood.

The same Scots Pine can be glimpsed on the far left-hand side, and just behind the leafless tree on the left are the cottages and sheds in the cottage garden. The viaduct confirms the location.

This second image raises more questions about the location…

Are the incongruously bright new gas lamps lighting the road to the planners suburban dream? Where does the signpost point to? Why is the Dollis Road (B1462) seemingly running down the line of the stream? Are the poseurs known to the photographer, were they purposely posed? What’s the cart carrying? etc. etc.

But most interestingly, what is the pyramid-topped ziggurat looming on the middle right-hand side? To try and find an answer I turned to the wonder that is Google Maps…

It proved relatively easy to locate the viaduct and the line of the Dollis Brook and, though I’ve still not been able to identify the large building on the modern map, there (in a triangular meander) stand the two cottages seen in the postcards…

The street view of the two cottages as they stand today, whilst minor details have changed, they remain readily recognisable as the buildings in the top postcard…

Of the ziggurat there’s no clue… unless of course you know differently…
Dollis-Mutton-Stamp no border


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