Matlock Bridge

8.30PM J[ul]Y 14 [19]06


Miss E Merriman

167 Great Brickiln Street



Dear E, just a line from your old sweetheart – councilor – & general

adviser, to ask you to keep your wool on old pal, & allow me to inform you

that my eugolistical, striaphalgnous, heart-strings are hanging all

awry for the old faces again, pip, pip, duchess. H.R.H. Prince of Wales

(This is not my proper name Pam

Only my telephone number.)

A Bit of a Mystery

I’d be intrigued to find out what the two green highlighted words mean… or indeed if I’ve transcribed them properly.

Does any one have any ideas, perhaps egotistical & diaphanous  ???

Unlikely coincidence time…

I’ve just realised that the key players in this Short Story ie. Ms. E. Merriman and Pam are the same people that appeared in Short Story 2.

What’s the chance of accidentally finding two postcards sent 110 years ago from the same author to the same person?



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