Corrugated iron buildings are an architecture disappearing – literally dissolving – back into the land. They are a truly vernacular architecture that is all too often ignored. Allotment sheds, industrial buildings, barns and outbuildings. They are built using materials to hand, often from second-hand scraps found round-and-about. They show a bewildering array of quirkily pragmatic styles, reflecting the individual character of the builder, the properties of the building materials available and the building’s evolving function and history. The buildings are an expression of creativity and engineering in harmony. And, a practical response to a local need or circumstance.

They’re a vital yet transitional architecture.

Over time I’ve been spotting, and photographing these buildings – before they disappear completely.

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This shed was found next to Upper Astrop Road, towards Kings Sutton nr. Banbury, Oxfordshire.

It’s a wonderfully atmospheric shell.



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