Lovers’ Walks is known to have been in existence prior to 1742, and it is believed to be the oldest continuously used public pleasure ground in the country.

The original park was a riverside path, 1/4 mile long, which was reached by boat. It led to the Cascades: a natural waterfall from a thermal spring, which can be seen today at the southern end of this park. Another path, from the Cascades viewpoint, led visitors 200′ to the top of the cliff. The earliest account of the time suggests that these paths were decorated with urns and ornaments. Lovers’ Walks is designated Grade II* in the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

A second route to the cliff tops had been constructed by 1785; known as Birdcage Walk. It is thought that there were originally two alcoves; one at the base (near the play area) and one at the top, although there is no trace of the top one now.

For today’s visitor, there is a choice of pathways: either along the top of the steep rocky cliffs, or along the riverside. There are now four steep paths to climb up through the ancient woodlands linking the cliff top and riverside walks. You are invited to walk these historic paths; however take great care throughout your visit, and keep to the paths.

The text was taken from an information sign located on Lovers’ Walks.
The images merge recent photos of a walk along Lovers’ Walks, Matlock Bath with children’s drawings, the combined image was then posterised using the MOLDIV app.

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