This postcard (No. 3038 printed in Berlin) was published by Siegmund Hildesheimer & Co., Ltd. of 62 Dantzic Street & 14-15 Silk Street, London. It was posted on July 19th 1906 at 12.45pm in Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire.

The message reads:


H.M. Goldstein Esq.
10 Springfield Gardens
Upper Clapton
London E5

Thanks you very much for the lovely cards you sent me, and which I found waiting for me when we returned. We had a lovely time at Matlock, and the weather was beautiful the whole time. The walks and drives were very enjoyable as the scenery is so pretty. One morning we walked to the top of High Tor and touched the flag staff, which I have marked. Kind regards.

Yours sincerely J. Rogers

Ms. Rogers, I’m taking it that she’s a she, has hand-drawn a Union Jack in pencil on the summit of High Tor (formerly known as Eagle Crags).


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