February Boat


Time to check the boat, slumbering on her mooring since late last Autumn.

She’s waiting. Patiently passing her 113th Winter.

There’s always guilt associated with the Winter’s neglect. Life gets in the way. Messy, hectic, demanding, daunting, draining life gets in the way […]

Her batteries are flat. No means to turn the engine. She slumbers.

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Slow Cinema: Stuff of Dreams

I found this youtube film by accident ages ago and it left a lingering impression. It’s heady stuff, magical and innocent and pretty damned good. A mature woodland and your own private railway to ‘play’ on, now that really is a little bit of paradise!

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Slow Day after Xmas…

Friday after Boxing Day, and Claire gave me a delightful late Christmas surprise – a chance to take a solo night away on the boat! After the usual trials and tribulations of the Festive Season I didn’t need asking twice! So Friday afternoon, under another gathering rain storm, I lit the stove, checked over the boat and settled in for an evening of silence, stillness and reading in the company of a warm stove, a slice of Xmas cake and a bottle of beer… bliss!




The boat’s in good fettle, settled in well at Grimsbury Wharf, snug between other boats at the end of the Arm.

Looking out from the back cabin doors along the line of the Arm across the finely decorated rudder completed by Jez Barrington just before it became too damp and cold to paint outdoors… To my eye these silvery grey images somehow capture the severe, chill wind and gathering gloom of the late December afternoon.