A Shot of Vitamin ‘B’

The Dulux Mixing bloke at our local Homebase, with his fancy scanner, did a good job recreating the Tekaloid Grass Green (gloss enamel of the exterior of the boat) as an interior ‘silk finish’ emulsion. I’ve got to admit to a little shiver of trepidation as I began to add the paint to the tongue & groove, it’s a heck of an in-your-face colour for an interior!

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Vitamin ‘B’ – a quick update…

Back in London after a couple of grand days working on the boat. I’ll do a fuller post later, but for now, proof that I actually did a little painting!

Coffee (CHECK), brushes all-in-a-row (CHECK), paint opened & mixed (CHECK), area dusted and tidy (CHECK). All laid out spick n’ span. I often start out a painting project with the best of intentions but, inevitably end up with more paint on my hands and clothes than on the walls!