Slow Cinema: Stuff of Dreams

I found this youtube film by accident ages ago and it left a lingering impression. It’s heady stuff, magical and innocent and pretty damned good. A mature woodland and your own private railway to ‘play’ on, now that really is a little bit of paradise!

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One Wonderful Yard…

Todays post was prompted by a post on Amy & James’s ‘Willow’ blog (HERE) which showed images of Roger Fuller’s wonderful boatyard. Roger’s yard, and Pete’s (shown in these photos) are for me places of delight and wonder where, through imagination, skills and years of experience, amazing things happen to seemingly unyielding materials…

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Snow and Light on the Oxford Canal, Banbury

This was the scene at Hardwick Wharf on Saturday morning. Snow flurried down and there was a good covering on the ground.

Over the Winter period we’d identified a number of priorities for improving life on Eileen this year. In brief they were: beds, light and water.

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