Banbury Snowfall…

This was the boat at breakfast this morning. I’d gone up for an overnight stay to get on with fitting three bulkhead lights today; and woke to a snugly warm boat and a white-over wonderland outside… magical!

One Hundred & Nine Winters…


Ah, the best laid plans. Last week we’d planned to take the kids up to the boat for the day on the Saturday; pay the monthly mooring fee and take Eileen out for a ‘warm-up’ chug, just to check that the mechanical side of things had survived the rigors of the cold-snap.

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A Kelly Kettle in Winter

There are times, admittedly few, when washing the breakfast pots becomes an absolute pleasure! Friday morning last week was one of those times… and it was because I heated the water for the bowl in my trusty, and pretty darned marvellous, Kelly Kettle!

I didn’t have any twigs to hand, but I did have a few oddments of timber, and with the axe I broke that up into useable chunks. The flames caught quickly and a can of boiling water bubbled in minutes. Just two cans were enough for a steaming bowl of soapy washing up water… better still Claire then volunteered to do the washing-up anyway!

We’re back on ‘Eileen’!

A late Xmas present, Claire’s godparents had offered to child-mind for 24 hours. Time enough for us to head up to the boat for the night. We’d decided against moving from the mooring, it felt enough simply to escape London and look forward to a relaxing few hours of child-free ‘downtime’.

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The Mooring

It’s been a family-orientated, busy/bustle/hassle/stressful kind of day; noisy, often chaotic and ill-tempered; and now, as the dust settles and I look towards a calmer night, I’ve time to pause, enjoy the semi-silence, and take a moment to look at a photo of our Eileen taken just a week ago… as the rain tipped down and Autumn seemed to tilt towards Winter.

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A Chilly Day at the Mooring…

The first day of November took a delight in proving the forecasters wrong. All week they’d promised that it’d be a bit brighter… Nobody had told the forecast to the leaden grey skies over Banbury. The rain and wind lingered through the morning and then the temperature dropped – and dropped. It was perishing cold at the Mooring! Winter really does seem to be settling fast, with the Autumnal golden glow pretty much wiped from the trees over the last few days..

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