‘Dots before your eyes’


Structuring, making something coherent out of the chaos of the natural world, is the essence of being human.

Lewis-Williams, The Mind in the Cave p. 51

In the Museum of Thin Objects stories co-exist – just as they do in the rest of life – as a complex and often unfinished expression of the world around us. Amongst the clutter lying on the Museum floor are many attempts, on my behalf, to create artworks based on the narrow boat water can. My research into, and celebration of, the narrow boat man’s decorated water cans can be found here or here.

It’s an enterprise that has taken me in search of a symbolic vocabulary able to express, in non-verbal terms, my obsession with connections/history/belonging /boat/place/time/earth-air-fire-water/shelter etc. etc. And recently it drew me to entoptics, where symbolic forms seemed to readily express for example, journeys, land-forms or weather formations. Entoptics captured my imagination. For me the entoptic images came first, and the, somewhat exotic, theories surrounding them came second.

Sometimes the journey takes you in unexpected directions.

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