Book Review: Living the Dream by Trevor Pavitt

Living The Dream Cover

Pavitt.T (2007) Living the Dream self published (?) ISBN: 978 1 84753 757 7

In the preface to my copy of Living the Dream author Trevor Pavitt writes:

To pass through a deeply wooded cutting on a May morning in England, with the sun reflecting off the mantle of trees, the slightest touch of mist still clinging to the surface of the canal and a heron in slow-motion ahead of the boat is one of life’s supreme pleasures.

The paragraph shows that Pavitt can write a well-turned phrase, and I was looking forward to reading more. I hoped the lyricism would continue, and I’d get under-the-skin of his motivation and passion. It didn’t. And after reading over 300 pages I’m not sure I know Trevor Pavitt any more clearly than before.

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