The Owl Service by Alan Garner


Scratching, scratching… scratching away, gnawing away, through the veneer of class, history, landscape & belonging; through language & myth.

The Owl Service weaves and dismantles; it explores; and exploits adolescence as crucible, chemistry set & melting pot; it touches on sexual frustration; on rumour & myth; it exposes tensions between incomers & native-born; between money & status; and between language & culture.

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Book Review: The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner


“The more I learn, the more I am convinced there are no original stories originality now means the personal coloring of existing themes, and some of the richest ever expressed are in the folklore of Britain. But this very richness makes the finding of a way to any understanding of the imagery and incident impossible without scholarship.” Alan Garner in

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Book Review: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner


“Everywhere is special, in some way. It was not imperative that I should be born in Cheshire; but it was imperative that I should know my place. That can be achieved only by inheriting one’s childhood landscape, and by growing in it to maturity. It is a subtle matter of owning and of being owned.” from the essay The Edge of the Ceiling in Alan Garner’s The Voice That Thunders (a collection of critical and autobiographical essays

“We have to find parables, we have to tell stories to unriddle the world.” from the essay Achilles in Altjara in The Voice That Thunders

“Garner’s work is where human emotion and mythic resonance, sexuality and geology, modernity and memory and craftsmanship meet and cross-fertilise, any country except Britain would have long ago recognised his importance, and celebrated it with postage stamps and statues and street names.” Philip Pullman

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