Ghost Flowers

The boat moored alongside our ‘Eileen’ in ‘the Arm’ in Banbury is perhaps best described – charitably – as a project boat. It’s a project that has seemingly stalled. It’s a boat in decline. With it’s restoration becoming, year by year, still more challenging. More expensive. Hope erodes. Continue reading “Ghost Flowers”


Fireworks of Flowers

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

~Ernest Hemingway

I mentioned in a previous post about ‘Water Cans’ (HERE), my ongoing fascination with folk art, which is based on a desire to find a visual language to develop my own version of the inland waterway boat man’s decorated Water Can…

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Man v. Can 18.

I spotted this fascinating array of painted ware recently on a boat on the off-side residential moorings close to Cropredy Mill. Despite being in a bit of a state, with paintwork peeling – perhaps following a Winter on the cabin top – nonetheless they retain a weathered authority. They seem to show the skills of three different painters using a range of distinct styles: the left-hand (smaller) can is an example of the tighter ‘knobstick’ style, whilst the right-hand (larger) can displays a confident and more flamboyant Braunston-esque style. Though little of the dipping bowl can be seen, it seems to be in a more hesitant amateur style, and is one I’d like to look at more closely..

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Man v. Can 6.

This is a particularly busy period workwise, as a consquent there’s been an increase in the number of late nights I’m working. As a result I’m not able to commit as much time to painting my water can as I’d hoped.

However the research continues, and today I thought I’d share these images with you, not from a tradtional boat painter, but one of my favourite artists Sir Terry Frost RA.

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