Lamp Huts & Lock-Ups

A post about unsung heroes.

The small sheds featured below bring back vivid memories, from 35 years ago, of cross-country running along the Cromford Canal and up the steep Sheep Pasture incline of the Cromford & High Peak Railway.

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Along the Fairford Branch

The Fairford Branch was built in two stages by two separate private companies. The Witney Railway Co. was formed locally after the residents of the prosperous blanket making town were repeatedly thwarted in their attempts to get connected to the booming railway network during the early Victorian era by the locally dominant Great Western Railway Co. On 23 December 1858 a meeting led to the formation of the independent Witney Railway Co. and royal assent was granted to a bill to build a line on from the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway at Yarnton to Witney on 1 August 1859.

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